About Integral Consulting Engineers


Stephen Cole
Principal Civil and Strutural Engineer

Stephen is passionate about the vision, purpose and culture of Integral Consulting Engineers. So much so, that is why he founded the company. Stephen Cole is also the Principal Civil and Structural Engineer.

Allan Integral Engineers NSW.jpg

Allan Wise
Senior Structural and Civil Designer

Allan is an established freelance drafter, with over 20 years of experience. Highly skilled in the use of Revit, Autocad and Civil 3D BIM/CAD software. Allan has extensive experience in all types of structural design and documentation work.

Integral Consulting Engineers is an innovative Civil and Structural Engineering firm based in Hobart. We service residential, commercial and industrial projects across Tasmania.

Our vision is for our built environments to be healthy, inspiring and integrative with nature and people.

Our purpose is to co-create a healthy, inspiring and integrative culture amongst people involved with all things construction.

Our culture, structure and practices are informed by a worldwide community creating the next evolution of organisational paradigms, known as Teal Organisations. Key features of this are:

  • A workplace where we can be authentic and share our whole selves. Our workplace can then be a source of deep connection with others and personal growth and expansion;

  • Structure that wonderfully supports self-management, individuality, collaboration and decentralised decision making, without a dominance hierarchy;

  • Decisions and actions are guided by the evolutionary purpose, rather than the traditional paradigm of seeking money and power;

  • The culture and structure support a massive expansion of creativity;

  • This evolutionary way of working has been shown to be enormously successful in various applications around the world.

Integral Consulting Engineers currently consists of the founder, Stephen Cole, and three subcontract draftspeople. We believe this business model represents a way for the construction industry to make a meaningful contribution to society and the environment.