About Us

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Integral Consulting Engineers is a small scale Civil and Structural Engineering firm located in Hobart and Western Sydney. We provide services to residential, commercial and industrial projects across Tasmania and NSW.

Our name and our work are inspired by the Integral Movement. The Integral Movement is a framework for viewing and engaging with the world where all relevant aspects are considered

We offer a personalised, cost effective and quality service. We understand the importance of clear and open communication with our clients, designers, builders, property developers and other project collaborators to enable optimal project outcomes. 

At Integral Consulting Engineers we value integrity, innovation, open communication, social and environmental sustainability, as well as understanding and achieving the objectives of our clients.

We work with a range of materials and building systems; 

Conventional systems such as reinforced concrete, footings and slabs, timber framing, brick veneer, steel, reinforced masonry, roads, and water, sewer, stormwater infrastructure.

Natural and sustainable building systems such as strawbale, rammed earth, hempcrete, stone, mud brick, earth rooves, porous pavements, and water collection, treatment and re-use.